Economic Development Commission

The Tamworth Economic Development commission will develop a strategy for the retention, growth and attraction of businesses in Tamworth.  The Commission should be charge with:

  • Supporting and maintaining the existing business base of our town and promoting a climate friendly to new business.
  • Identifying the specific types of businesses that match the character of Tamworth.
  • Making realistic recommendations to the town to enable growth of its existing business base; retain and promote existing businesses and attract new businesses to the town.
  • Coordinating town economic development activities with surrounding towns and utilize regional and state resources.

Tamworth Economic Development Commission strives to retain its present  businesses and entrepreneurs and help them flourish and grow. All the while, there are efforts to attract new businesses and help them discover our wonderful  town.

The Commission’s vision is to provide a quality environment, increase economic opportunity, and encourage cultural development by supporting local efforts through leadership, education, technical assistance, information, advocacy, coordination, and responsive regional representation.


Board Members

Name Title
Patricia Farley Chairman
Mary Phelps Alternate
Kimball Packard Alternate
John Ferreira Treasurer
Laura Pike Vice- Chair
Wyatt Berrier Member
Abby Drake Member
Kelly Goodson Selectmen Representative