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Notice to all Tamworth Voters Darlene McWhirter Oct 13, 2015

The Supervisors of the Checklist will be meeting on Tuesday evening, September 4, from 7:00 - 7:30 in the meeting room at the Town Office building.


If you are not currently a registered voter, this will be the last opportunity for you to register prior to the September 11 State Primary election, although here in NH you can register at the polls on election day.  Be sure to have a photo ID and proof of your Tamworth residency with you when you register.


If you are already registered, please note that no political party changes can be made until after the Primary is finished.  You must take the ballot that corresponds to your registration: Democratic, Republican, or Libertarian.  If you are registered as Undeclared, you may  choose which ballot you would like when you come to vote.  Once choosing a party ballot, you become a member of that party--but you can change back to Undeclared after voting if you come over to the Supervisors' table.


Remember--all voters must present a valid photo ID to the Ballot Clerk in order to receive a ballot.

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