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Employment Opportunities at TCNA Darlene McWhirter Sep 20, 2017



The Tamworth Community Nurse Assoc. is seeking a LPN/Phlebotomist for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 15-20 hours per week. This LPN needs to have excellent assessment skills and is capable of working independently. There is a possibility of having summers off if the applicant chooses to.  We are a very small office and require team spirit. Working for TCNA is a true privilege and allows nurses to practice health care under the broadest of terms. For 96 years we have been providing free skilled nursing care to Tamworth residents.

Although our website is being re-vamped you can go to to learn more about us Please send your resume to


Registered Dietician


The Tamworth Community Nurse Association (TCNA) seeks a Registered Dietician to serve as a consultant and teacher to our community at large.  The number of hours per week may vary.  TCNA in cooperation with the Tamworth Farmers Market has been awarded a grant from the Harvard Pilgrim Foundations' Healthy Eating Fund.  The RD would be expected to work in cooperation with the local grammar school, food pantries, teach some cooking classes and have one to one consultations with patients or families in our community who could benefit from our services. Please send a resume to  Although our webs site is being rebuilt you may visit it at  We look forward to a productive collaboration.  Thank you for your consideration.

Jo Anne M. Rainville RN

Director of TCNA

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