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2017 Street Fair News Darlene McWhirter Aug 7, 2017

Good Morning, Tamworth!

It's a beautiful day today....and despite gray skies and moments of rain drops, yesterday was a beautiful day, the festive Tamworth Street Fair, hosted by the Tamworth Economic Development Commission!!

Many thanks to so many who made it all possible: Richard Roberts for his placement of signage and traffic cones, Harry Remick and Steve Gray and Sgt. Cooper for their traffic control, Scott Aspinal for lending his mown field for our guests' parking, JoAnn Rainville for the nurses water stations, the fire department for their truck and Harry, the Boy Scouts and Tim Brown for their outstanding balloon duty, Tucker Letarte for his great music, the Cook Library for giving us the wonderful YoYo show, our sponsors...Remick Museum and Farm,  the Barnstormers, Chocorua Lake Conservancy and the Preserve at Chocorua.......and especially, heartfelt appreciation to all the wonderful vendors! 

My grateful thanks go out to the Economic Development Commissioners who spent so many hours planning and implementing the details of such a worthwhile event that was created to celebrate Tamworth's many businesses and organizations!

Pat Farley

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